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Indiantown Fiber Construction Approval

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We are thrilled to be bringing your area Fiber services very soon!

We have completed the main fiber construction upgrade to your area and fiber cabling has been placed in existing utility easements. These may be at the front, rear or sides of your property. Please fill out the form below to authorize the construction of a fiber cable drop directly to your home. Then we will be able to upgrade your internet and/or phone services over to our fiber network.

Do you have a smart panel in your home?*
Do you have an invisible pet fence on your property?*
What is the location of your propane tank? Please answer from the point of view that you are facing your home from the street.*
Please note: If your property is impacted during the fiber construction process, we will restore it to its original condition upon completion of our construction. This includes lawns, driveways, or walkways. Please note that once you have approved, if you decide to relocate fiber, you will have to pay the cost of relocation.

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