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The Blue Stream Fiber TV App turns your mobile device into a portable TiVo box! Simply download the app to get started.

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What To Watch

The What To Watch tab offers suggestions based on the time of the program, genre and popularity. Use this view to find shows for a specific time.

Number 1
Select a show/series to display information and viewing choices.
Number 1

Tap Get this Show or Get this Movie for options.

Depending on the show, you’ll be able to record or bookmark an episode, set up a OnePass for series, bookmark or record a movie, or view upcoming showings. (If you already have a OnePass search or recording set up for the show, you’ll also see an option to modify your options.)

Number 1

If you are using an iPad, click on ‘Movie Details’ or ‘Series Details’ to see Info Pane with Episodes, Cast & Crew, Upcoming and May Also Like strip.

Info (Series)
Info (Movie)
Info (Person)

Guide View

The Guide view is a full guide listing with detailed information for 2 weeks of programming. This view contains a Channel Search bar which you can use to search for a channel number or name. Tapping on the Channel Number will take you to the schedule for a specific channel. While in Guide, swiping to left/right moves the time in 30 minute increments.

From Guide, apping on a show will take you to the Info Pane. Click Record & Watch to display the Watch Now Overlay with an option to record and watch from your iPad/iPhone or on your TV.

Watch Now Menu

Provides users with the following Watch Now overlay menu options:

On iPAD/iPhone

My Shows

Use the My Shows view to see all of your recorded/downloaded programs. To get to the My Shows list, click ‘My Shows’ at the bottom of the screen.

Number 1
Click the drop-down button to view your recordings/downloaded shows, sports, series, movies, etc.
Number 1
Hit ‘Edit’ to delete a show.
Number 1
Sort shows by Name or by Date

Note: You can select and immediately play a content.


Manage your To Do List and OnePass searches, and view your DVR’s recording activity from inside the Blue Stream Fiber TV App. Tap ‘Manage’ for options:

To Do List: Tap a show title to review details.

OnePass Manager

OnePass organizes content from all your available sources, including television and streaming apps (from sources like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video) into your My Shows folder. To modify OnePass options, tap the title of the OnePass and choose “Modify”.

Recording Activity

Tap a title to learn why the show didn’t record.

Note: The Info screen is not available when you are away from your home network.


The Info view displays detailed information about whatever program is currently playing on live TV. Within the Info view, you can switch between the credits and episodes tabs to see information specific to a single episode or a full listing of episodes.

You can reach the Info screen at any time by tapping the ‘Info’ button on an iPad, or by tapping ‘More’ > ’Info’ on an iPhone. This screen displays information about the show that’s currently airing on your TiVo box. As you change channels, the Info screen will update to reflect the show you’re watching.


Access information and options about connections, user preferences, streaming, setup etc.

To use Out-of-home streaming, you must complete the setup process using your home network. You cannot set up Out-of-home streaming for the first time on an away-from-home network.

Click “Start Setup” to check for streaming devices.

Favorite Channels

Allows user to select their favorite channels from within the application.

The Select Favorites screen allows users to choose which channels they want to appear on the Favorite Channel view on the Guide.

TiVo Remote

When using the device in home mode and connected to a TiVo DVR, you can use Blue Stream Fiber TV App for iOS as a remote control, with on-screen buttons that function exactly like those on the physical TiVo Remote.

To be able to use the App as a remote control, you must:


Confirm that the TiVo DVR is connected to the same network.

Sign in using Local mode.

Tap the TiVo icon, and then tap Remote Control, to use the remote control buttons.

The buttons on the right of the screen are used to control playback (pause, rewind, fast forward, instant replay, slow motion, and 30-second advance). You can also give Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down ratings.

The buttons on the left of the screen are used to navigate the TiVo menus.

Tap the Keyboard icon to display the on-screen keyboard.

A tuner is only in use when streaming. It is not in use during normal app usage.

If you are using an iPhone click ‘More’ to view Info, Remote Control and Settings screen.

Swipe to Delete

This feature is limited to My Shows only and will allow users to delete a recorded content.

Number 1
From the My Shows list, look for the content you want to delete.
Number 1
Swipe the content to the left to trigger the delete button.
Number 1
Tap Delete to remove content.

Download Notice

Mobile 4.6 introduces Download Notice. This notifies users about upcoming changes in the next mobile release (Mobile 4.7) and at year end will remove older downloads.

The Blue Stream Fiber TV App for iOS will not support the following:

  • Download folders
  • Download reordering is not supported but you can prioritize your downloads by stopping and starting the downloads.
  • Sorting of downloads
  • Guide indexing/paging
  • Circular Guide
  • Browse (merged to What to Watch)
  • Tooltips
  • Sound effects

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