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We provide a safe, sophisticated virtual platform that enables your company to reduce costs and keep your data secure by providing premium-grade technology for cloud servers and cloud backup storage. You’ll benefit from these business-level solutions – all from your local technology leader, Blue Stream Fiber.

Cloud backup

The perfect backup solution for any size business.

Our Backup services, powered by Veaam®, allow for both individual workstation and company server backup. This is a cost-effective, easy solution for businesses to virtually archive their files and data. This is ideal for everyday backup of documents and is flexible to add file storage space as your company needs it.

Cloud backup packages

Workstation Backup*Server Backup
50 GB$11.50/month
250 GB$17.50/month$40.00/month
500 GB$25.00/month$47.50/month
1 TB$40.00/month$62.50/month
*Microsoft OS only.

Cloud servers

All the benefits of owning servers with no hardware hassles.

Our flexible cloud servers are a solution built on highly redundant hardware, providing you with an easy solution to grow and protect your business by using server provisioning in the cloud. Powered by VMware®, Blue Stream uses business-grade technology. Avoid purchasing costly hardware and have your data managed in an environment maintained by experienced professionals.

Cloud server packages

Workstation Backup*
Starting at less than $12 per month per computer
Server Backup
Starting at $40 per month per computer
Business Premium
Starting at $249 per month
CPU Cores124
Data UsageUp to 2TBUp to 2TBUp to 2TB
Server BackupStandardStandardStandard
Microsoft LicensingVariesVariesVaries
Custom configurations available upon request

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