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Seasonal residents can be installed when they return. Simply call your Blue Stream Fiber Community number seven days prior to your arrival.

No, your HOA included bulk services cannot be placed on seasonal hold. Only upgraded services can.

 Yes. We suggest placing upgraded phone service on hold rather than canceling the service to avoid losing the phone number.

This can be done day of or it can be done in advance.

No worries, you can call and request your seasonal services be reactivated.

Seasonal holds can only be placed once a year. Q: Am I still responsible for taxes, fees, and equipment charges while on a seasonal plan? A: Yes, taxes and fees will continue to be charged.

Understanding First Bill

Your first bill will cover the cost of your first month of service and any installation fees.

Please note that due to us following a standard bill-in-advance schedule, you will receive a second bill soon for your following month’s services. This is normal. You’ll then fall into a regular monthly cadence for future bills.

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