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Construction FAQs

During Wet Checks or Irrigation Checks, our team will locate and turn on property irrigation systems to ensure they are in working order and stay intact throughout the construction process

Locating is a process completed prior to construction where the crew will locate utility lines before digging. This process is a mandated state requirement and Blue Stream Fiber follows all laws and guidelines. Locating existing underground utility lines will prevent those lines from being accidentally damaged during the construction of a new fiber-optic network.

Locating involves spraying temporary white paint on grass or on hard surfaces within the community to indicate where the fiber-option network will potentially go. Once this step is complete, other utilities in the area like power water, and telecommunications will follow the lines within the neighborhood and locate where their utilities are to prevent any service impacts or damage during digging.

As we get close to digging near individual homes, it will be helpful to be made aware of any invisible fences, underground gas lines/ tanks, landscape lighting, french drains, etc. To share this information, please contact your dedicated community number or email. Our goal is to ensure a smooth construction process for all residents and knowing this information will help us work around these details.

We will put door tags on homes as we begin construction in each phase to tell you we will be in the area.

You’ll see digging along main roads as well as directly to your home. You will see an orange pipe outside your home above the ground. This is temporary, and we will return to pull the fiber and connect the pipe to the home and install a premise box on the side of your house.

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