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How to prepare for my install

  1. Someone 18 years of age or older must be home during the time of your installation.
  2. If you recently moved into a new how, any equipment needed for the installation, including your TVs must be unpacked and ready for the technician in the area where they will be installing it. Additionally, the area for installation must be clear and accessible.
  3. Internet installation tip! If you are getting this installed, you may want to put together a list of connected devices in your home, to ensure they are all set up and working prior to the tech leaving your home. This includes all smart phones, smart Vs, tablets, gaming devices, computers, and smart appliances such as Nest Echo Dot, Alexa, etc.
  4. TV installation tip! You will need a Google Account in order to access many features included within your Blue Stream Fiber TV experience. If you have an account already you will want to keep your credentials handy. If you do not have an account, you will want to create one prior to your installation.

What to expect during my install

Our technicians will install your services and any additional services you requested. On average, the installation will take anywhere from 3-4 hours per home to complete. This will include the set-up of your wireless devices as well as the programming of your remote controls. Moreover, we will provide an in-home training experience on how to use your new equipment and services.

The Blue Stream Fiber Wireless ONT will be located at a central location in your home and/or where your previous modem/router was located. Set-Top boxes will be placed in the same location where your televisions are located.

After completing your installation, which will take 3 to 4 hours, the Blue Stream Fiber technician will assist you in connecting your various devices to the new WiFi system using the Same SSID and password you were previously using to allow your devices to automatically migrate. To ensure none of your WiFi-enabled devices get missed during installation, be sure to have a list of those devices ready. Some examples of devices are computers, TVs, phones, tablets, and ancillary equipment like HVAC thermostats, doorbells, refrigerators, washing machines, security cameras, door locks, monitors, Echo and Alexa devices, pool pumps, pool water heaters, etc.

Our equipment is wireless inside the house, and we will not be reusing the existing coax cable.

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