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Referrals accepted via the refer-a-friend online form only. Referrals must be for new customers that subscriber to Blue Stream Fiber Internet, TV and/or Phone service and who maintain an active subscription uninterrupted for a minimum of 60 days after installation and who are current on their bill at day 60 and did not previously have service with Blue Stream Fiber 90 days prior to the referral. Referrals must be submitted BEFORE the referred customer signs up for services and referred customer services must have a total monthly billing greater than $50 and may not be combined with any other cash back offers. Referral promotion not valid for referred customers in buildings, homes or units served by Blue Stream Fiber bulk services. The referring customer (Referrer) will receive a $50 bill credit applied between 60 days and 90 days after the referred customer has been installed new services with Blue Stream Fiber . The new referred customer will receive a $50 bill credit 60-90 days after installation. If multiple referrals for the same new customer are received, only 1 credit will be issued for the referral first received by Blue Stream Fiber. If a referring customer accumulates credits that are not utilized before they terminate their own services those credits will expire at the time of service cancellation and not be convertible to any form of cash. Bill credits may not be applied to government taxes or fees. The terms of this program may be changed at any time without notice and any referrals from fraudulent activity will not be honored. Other restrictions may apply.

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