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TV Differentiations: How to Determine Your Residents’ Video Needs

TV has evolved beyond a simple cable box and remote, now offering a myriad of features such as HD Channels, 4K, DVR service, Apps, Voice Remotes, and more. For HOAs and COAs, ensuring that these advanced TV services are not just cutting-edge but also reliable is crucial when considering the needs of their residents.

In the realm of modern TV services, residents demand reliability and functionality. Here are three key aspects to focus on when evaluating a service provider:

  1. Strong Engineering Team:
    • Look beyond the number of technicians and delve into the provider’s Engineering Team expertise.
    • Seek a provider whose team is led by industry-recognized leaders with technical acumen in the specific TV service used.
    • Ensure strong connections with vendors for seamless TV service delivery.
  2. Service Reliability:
    • Demand transparency in service reliability reporting, as it reflects a provider’s commitment to accountability.
    • Opt for a provider that actively monitors and reports on service reliability, ensuring adherence to contractual promises.
  3. Advanced Features:
    • Mandate essential features such as out-of-home streaming, multi-TV accessibility without additional costs, and a robust service with Voice Remotes and App-based TV viewing.

To cut through sales pitches and guarantee a TV service that works seamlessly for your community, pose these direct questions:

  • How long have your leadership and engineering teams had relationships with your video technology partners? 
  • Are they on the advisory board for the platform you utilize? 
  • Can you provide your streaming success rate? 
  • Do you monitor and track service-related issues for quick resolution and awareness of internal customer-facing teams? 
  • Can you access all your DVR features from your house or on the go?  
  • Does your TV application work on all devices, and can your recordings be accessed across the board via cloud? 
  • Which channels are still viewable through the TV application outside of the home? 

By prioritizing these considerations and asking the right questions, HOAs and COAs can secure a TV service provider that not only keeps pace with technological advancements but also delivers the reliability and features that residents crave.