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Safeguard Your Data with These Security Tips

Cyberattacks are on the rise, which means it’s important that we take the right measures to protect ourselves. With almost everything relying on digital these days, our personal data is more susceptible to breaches.

How can you be more cyber-aware, you may ask? We’ve got ya! Read below for a list of best practices and activities to help keep you and your data safe!

Ensure multiple layers of protection!

  • Install anti-virus and anti-malware software on your computer and keep up with regular updates.
  • Be cautious of using unsecure WiFi networks!
  • When setting up a new network, always change the default password to a new one. Using numbers, capitalized letters, and punctuation marks can help strengthen your password.
  • Set your computer screen to automatically lock when inactive.

Keep an eye out for suspicious emails to avoid phishing

  • Be aware of emails or requests from suspicious parties, especially addresses that don’t seem legitimate. Do you recognize the sender’s email address? If not, do not click on any links or respond with any personal information.
  • Another sign of fraud to look out for is if the email address does not match the name previewed in the message or if the domain isn’t from the company allegedly sending it. When in doubt, try calling the sender to see if their email is legitimate.

Limit your personal digital footprint

  • A good rule of thumb is to always check the default settings on your social media and any websites that store your information, and always limit the information you provide.
  • Regularly check your mobile device’s privacy settings, especially after software updates, and adjust them to limit what personal information is shared.

Safeguard your online financial transactions

  • Never enter any banking or payment information on an HTTP website. Always make sure it is HTTPS.
  • Review your credit history and financial statements regularly to look for suspicious transactions.

Following these easy tips and tricks is a great way to protect yourself and be more cyber aware!