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Keeping up with the Oscars with Blue Stream Fiber

With the Oscars behind us, film enthusiasts can now catch up on some of this year’s award-winning movies. Thanks to Blue Stream Fiber’s lightning-fast internet, streaming the best of cinema from home is effortless. Explore this list of Oscar-winning films organized by streaming platform available through Blue Stream Fiber for a seamless viewing experience!

Amazon Prime Video

  • “Anatomy of a Fall”: centers on a woman suspected of her husband’s murder, diving into a complex character study. Nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, and Actress in a Leading Role, the French-language film goes beyond the average courtroom drama.
  • “American Fiction”: follows a frustrated writer’s journey as he challenges outdated tropes in Black entertainment, leading to unexpected consequences. This film won Best Adapted Screenplay.


  • “Barbie”: this film not only captivates with its stellar cast and compelling narrative but also stands out for its feminist themes. Delving into the complexities of identity and societal expectations, the film challenges traditional norms and won Best Original Song for What Was I Made For by Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell.


  • “Poor Things”: an artsy and whimsical adventure adapted from a 1992 novel by Alasdair Gray. Starring Emma Stone, the film follows the unconventional resurrection of a young woman and won categories like Costume Design, Best Director, and Actress in a Leading Role to name a few.

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