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The Need for Upload Speed

Rear view of senior couple doing a video call with son and grandson during covid19 pandemic. Close up of hands of old grandparents holding digital tablet while in conversation with little grandson. Happy indian father with child greeting in video conference his parents.

Everybody loves to talk about download speeds, but nobody ever talks about the importance of upload speeds when it comes to fast internet service.

Think about it. When you’re browsing the internet or streaming your favorite shows, it’s easy to focus on how quickly information is coming to you (i.e. your download speeds). But what happens when you’re the one uploading a photo to social media or taking video calls for work?

Upload speed determines how quickly your device, such as a computer or smartphone, transfers data to the internet. When looking at the best internet plan to suit your needs, a good rule of thumb is to get an idea of what you’ll be doing online and how much bandwidth these activities require.

Here are some common instances where upload speeds matter the most.

Uploading to a cloud

If your job or hobbies involve uploading large files to the cloud, you know how time-consuming dealing with lag from slow upload speeds can be. This is especially the case if you’re uploading multiple and/or larger files.

Video calls and online meetings

There’s nothing more frustrating than buffering or freezing on a video call. Having reliable upload speeds will allow you to smoothly work from home and attend online meetings or give presentations without any issues.

Online gaming

Gamers know that every millisecond counts on that virtual battlefield and even the slightest delay could mean it’s game over.

Upload speeds are just as important as download speeds and can greatly improve your online experience. Understanding the difference between the two will also come in handy when choosing the right internet provider that can meet your need for speed.