Blue Stream Fiber TV App for Android Devices

The TiVo Mobile App for Android supports the following Android versions:

9 and higher for Android Note: 6.x to 8.x are compatible, but functionalities may be limited

The Blue Stream Fiber TV App for Android lets you search, browse, discover, and share programs from your TiVo DVR to your mobile device without ever interrupting what you are watching.

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  • Find new content, view guides, get recommendations, or find information on cast and crew.
  • Schedule recordings on your mobile device from wherever you happen to be.
  • Use your mobile device as a remote control using intuitive, gesture-based interactions.
  • Personalize the order of your What to Watch feeds.
  • Manage your To Do List and OnePass.
  • Stream your shows to your mobile device while in-home or out-of-home.
  • Voice Search- You can now search using voice on the Android mobile app.

Note: Your Android device must be connected to your home Wi-Fi network to provide all of the features that are available.

Blue Stream Fiber TV App Modes

The features and functionalities available with the Blue Stream Fiber TV App depend on whether or not the device is on the same network as the TiVo device.

In-Home Streaming

With In-Home Streaming, the Android mobile device and the TiVo DVR are on the same network. The mobile device must be using Wi-Fi, not a 3G, 4G, or LTE connection.

In-Home streaming allows you to watch Live TV, watch recordings from My Shows, record shows in real-time, get details about the shows currently airing on Live TV, and more—using your mobile device instead of the TiVo remote control.

Out-of-Home Streaming

With Out-of-Home Streaming, the mobile and TiVo devices are on different networks. Examples of these are connecting through your mobile data. If the Android device is connected to a Wi-Fi network through a public library or through your friend’s Wi-Fi, Out-of-Home streaming is being used.

Setting Up Streaming

Streaming lets you watch live or recorded shows from anywhere. Streaming can be set up for in-home streaming or out-of-home streaming, letting you stream while away from almost anywhere. Initial use requires a one-time setup while using the app In-home.

Number 1
Tap Settings, then Setup. You will see a list of available streaming devices on your network.
Number 1
In-home streaming is automatically selected, tap Set up out-of-home streaming to watch shows while out-of-home.
Number 1
Agree to the TiVo User Agreement.
Number 1
Tap Start Setup, and then tap Done or Tutorial after successful completion of setup.

What To Watch

The What To Watch tab offers suggestions based on the time of the program, genre and popularity. Use this view to find shows for a specific time.

Number 1
Select a show/series to display information and viewing choices.
Number 1

Tap Get this Show or Get this Movie for options.

Depending on the show, you’ll be able to record or bookmark an episode, set up a OnePass for series, bookmark or record a movie, or view upcoming showings. (If you already have a OnePass search or recording set up for the show, you’ll also see an option to modify your options.)

Number 1
If you are using a tablet, tap ‘Movie Details’ or ‘Series Details’ to see an Info Pane with Episodes, Cast & Crew, Upcoming and May Also Like strip.
Number 1
Info (can indicate information about a Series, an Episode, a Movie or a Person)

May Also Like Strip

This serves the same functionality as on the TiVo devices, it provides a list of suggested content based on what you are looking at.


The Guide view is a full guide listing, with detailed information for 2 weeks of programming. This view contains a Channel Search bar which you can use to search for a channel number or name. Tapping on the Channel Number will take you to schedule for a specific channel. While in Guide, swiping to left/right moves the time in 30 minute increments.

From Guide, tapping on a show will take you to Info Pane. Tap Record & Watch to display the Watch Now Overlay with an option to record and watch from your tablet/phone or on your TV.

Watch Now Menu

Provides users with the following Watch Now overlay menu options:

  • ON TV

My Shows

Use the My Shows view to see all of your recorded/downloaded programs.

Number 1
Tap the menu button on the upper left portion of your screen to view your recordings/downloaded shows, sports, series, movies, etc.
Number 1
Tap ‘Edit’ to delete a show.
Number 1
Sort shows by Name or by Date.


To immediately play content on your mobile device, tap the play button.


Manage your To Do List and OnePass recordings, and view your DVR’s recording activity from within the Blue Stream Fiber TV App.

To Do List displays the same information on the Android device that you would see on the TiVo device’s To Do List.

OnePass Manager

OnePass Manager displays the OnePass recordings on the selected TiVo DVR.

Tapping Recording Activity can be used to view the recording activity on the selected TiVo device.


Access information and options about connections, user preferences, streaming, setup etc.

To use Out-of-home streaming, you must complete the setup process using your home network. You cannot set up Out-of-home streaming for the first time on an away-from-home network.

Start Setup – Tap “Start Setup” to check for streaming devices.

Favorite Channels

Allows user to select their favorite channels from within the application.

The Select Favorites screen allows users to choose which channels they want to appear on the Favorite Channel view on the Guide.

TiVo Remote

When using the device In-Home, you can use Blue Stream Fiber TV App for Android as a remote control, with on-screen buttons that function exactly like those on the physical TiVo Remote.

The buttons on the right portion of the screen are used to control playback (pause, rewind, fast forward, instant replay, slow motion, and 30-second advance) and give a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down rating.

The buttons on the left portion of the screen are used to navigate the TiVo menus.

Tapping the keyboard icon displays the on-screen keyboard.

Note: A tuner is only in use when streaming. It is not in use during normal app usage., line is missing.

Show Selection

Information about the show you have picked to watch via Out-of-Home Streaming You can watch on phone, TV (if on home network), share to social media and “Get Show” (set up a OnePass, record or add to My Shows).

System Info

Access from the Settings menu. Information about the streaming device, network & TiVo. Make a service call and restart streaming device from this menu. Full system information requires a Wi-Fi connection.

Guide Channel

Access this from the Settings menu. This allows you to toggle what type of guide is displayed on the App.

In Home View

From home, you can watch a show, download it, delete it and share it. You can also get or modify a OnePass.

Download Options

Select the quality/size of your program to download. Note:
Full system information requires a Wi-Fi connection.

Download Notice

Mobile 4.6 introduces Download Notice. This notifies users about upcoming changes in the next mobile release (Mobile 4.7) and at year end will remove older downloads.

Swipe to Delete

Swipe to delete items in My Shows. This feature is limited to My Shows.

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