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Benefits of fiber internet

Do you find yourself constantly hearing that fiber optic internet is better, faster, and stronger than traditional cable internet? And then wonder, what exactly does that mean for your community? What difference will it make in your day-to-day? Is it even affordable for your community?

Below we’re going to take a deep dive into what fiber internet is, along with its benefits when compared to traditional cable internet!

What is fiber internet?

Fiber optic internet is a data connection that uses fiber-optic lines, which are cables made of bundled strands of glass. Each glass strand acts as a conduit for light signals that relay digital code from one end to the other at the speed of, well, light. Fiber optic internet transports data about 20 times faster than regular cable at 1 Gbps.

Fiber technology allows for internet speeds far beyond what you get from cable because each fiber-optic line can carry multiple signals at top speeds simultaneously. Fiber internet also bypasses latency, bandwidth issues, and signal degradation, and potential security breaches, among other issues that frequently occur with older technologies like cable and DSL networks.

What Are Fiber Internet Benefits When Compared to Traditional Cable?

For higher needs of data transmission such as entire communities and neighborhoods, fiber-optic bandwidth availability is significantly higher, and speed does not decrease as high demands are put on the network. Video streaming & conferencing, file sharing, cloud applications, and more place high demands on business bandwidth. The speed demands of today’s home have changed, and a fiber upgrade is a significant benefit.

This is a term used to describe delays that occur while processing data over an Internet connection. Fiber-optic Internet eliminates many of the latency issues users experience on cable Internet, particularly when downloading or uploading video or high-definition content.

Fiber is much stronger than copper. Fiber-optic Internet is not susceptible to inclement weather conditions, which is a huge benefit in a state like Florida. Any amount of unplanned downtime can bring issues to a community, and no one wants that. Reliability is a necessity!

With traditional broadband Internet, the signal degrades as the user moves away from the switch. The signal strength of fiber-optic Internet does not degrade as quickly over distance. Residences and organizations in relatively large spaces benefit tremendously from better signal strength throughout.

Hackers can gain access to residential cable Internet with relative ease, due to cable tapping or other relatively simple methodologies. The only way to penetrate fiber-optic Internet is to physically cut the fibers, which will cause the signal to disappear. Fiber-optic Internet is one powerful way to increase your community’s protection against cyber-crime.

Learn more about the benefits of fiber and whether your community qualifies for Blue Stream Fiber to build a fiber network in your community at no cost.

If you have any questions about our Bulk offerings or would like information on Blue Stream Fiber and bulk communities we service in your area, give us a call at 844-75-FIBER.

Let us help you keep your community connected and entertained!