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What is fiber infrastructure and what are its benefits?

You may hear the word fiber regularly in relation to cable or Internet, but what exactly is it? Fiber is the future!

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) refers to the use of fiber optic cable from a central point straight to each home to provide high-speed internet. Fiber has superior speed, bandwidth, latency, signal, security, and reliability across the board than any other network available.

From a homeowner’s perspective looking for a world-class connection, from a developer’s perspective looking to future proof their development, or from a property manager’s viewpoint looking to secure their community with the most reliable services, what is the common denominator? A Fiber-To-The-Home solution.

With FTTH, homeowners get quicker internet and improved bandwidth, permitting them to stream higher-quality media and increase the quantity of connected devices, at the same time. With fiber optic internet, speed does not decrease as additional devices are put on the network, which is incredibly important as consumers work from home, engage in online learning, and continue to enjoy additional connected devices each day. Video streaming, file sharing, uploading and downloading, and gaming, among other activities, are ones that a fiber optic network can support with much more reliability than a traditional coax network.

With FTTH, builders and developers can be sure that their development will stay current, compete with future developments, and be able to support future-generation technologies. A 2015 study by FTTH Council found that adding fiber-optic internet to your property can increase its value by 3.1%. This is equal to a $9,000 property value increase on a $300,000 home. Though this addition to a home isn’t tangible like other premium additions (such as adding a bathtub or a fireplace), its value lies in the extensive benefits of fiber. Fiber transmits information 400x further and 10x faster than traditional copper wires, and is more secure, durable, reliable, and prepared for the future. Fiber cables are created to last up to 50 years, making them a good long-term investment for new developments as well.

Lastly, Property Managers strive to provide their community with the most reliable services to ensure efficiency and happy residents. Fiber internet can also be more than 10X times as fast as a standard coax connection, so it is no surprise that lots of communities are implementing it and need it to compete with other communities for potential rental. Since fiber is the most strong, reliable material, preventing moisture and scratches, it is not susceptible to inclement weather or human/electrical interference. This network dependability mixed with fiber’s signal strength and the day-to-day-experience for residents makes it a top choice for many HOA’s and COA’s today.

As internet usage continues to increase in the future, the bandwidth that fiber supports will become necessary to prevent issues. Taking this forward-looking approach to preparing your property will ensure integration with future technologies and prepare you for next generation innovations. With increased use of the Internet each day due to technology and the way we consume media, having reliable fiber architecture increases efficiency, and ultimately creates a better experience.

Blue Stream Fiber works with HOA’s and developers to bring fiber-to-the-home solutions to communities and build a tailored plan that makes sense for them.

To learn more about our bulk fiber offerings, please reach out to our team at 844-75-FIBER.

Let us help you keep your community connected and entertained!